Our Products

Present Product Portfolio
Present Product Portfolio
  • Line-interactive Sine-wave UPS Systems
  • On-line Tower and Modular UPS Systems (New/Old and refurbished)
  • Solid-state Power Line Conditioners (AVR)
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
  • Hybrid Solar Power Systems
  • Domestic Power Systems
  • Home Automation
  Line-interactive Sine-wave UPS Range
  • 600VA up to 8kVA
Differentiating Features of Line interactive UPS
  • Highest-capacity Line-interactive UPS
  • Runs All Types of Electrical Load
  • Absorption-mode to Prevent Battery-sulphation
  • Synchronized Change-over
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • No-load Shut-down and Sleep Modes
  • Cold-start Capability
  • Off-mode Charging
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Very Large Run-times
  • Long Backup time
Online UPS (New / Old and Refurbished)
  • Rack-mount Single-phase
  • Tower-type Single-phase
  • Tower-type Three-phase In, Single-phase Out UPS
  • Tower-type In-built Transformer Three-phase UPS
  • Tower-type Three-phase UPS
  • Modular Rack-mount Three-phase UPS with In-built Batteries
  • Modular Rack-mount Three-phase UPS
  • APC by Schneider
  • E
  • Emerson
  • SIEL
Solid-state Power Line Conditioners  POWER GUARD Series
  • 1 kVA – 10 kVA Single Phase
  • 15 kVA – 40 kVA Three Phase
Differentiating Features of Solid-state Power Line Conditioners
  • Solid-state IGBT Control
  • Ultra-fast Output Response
  • User Settable Under and Over-voltages
  • Wide Input Voltage Range
  • Very Narrow Output Voltage Range
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Ohmic Isolation
  • High Efficiency
  • High Power-density
  • Remote monitoring
Domestic UPS Advance Empower 1 kVA
Differentiating Features of Domestic UPS
  • Wide-range Built-in Stabilizer
  • Solar Panels Connectivity
  • Sine-wave Output
  • Full-status Custom LCD Display
  • Runs all types of electrical load including fridge
  • Absorption to Prevent Battery-sulphation
  • User-settable Charging Current
  • Cold-start Capability
  • Off-mode Charging
  • High Power-density
Home Automation Occupancy Sensors The low-profile sensor is ceiling-mounted to maximize motion sensitivity in large areas with obstructions. With a 360 degree field of view, and up to 2000 square feet of coverage area Application: The ceiling-mounted occupancy sensor is ideal for conference rooms, classrooms, multi-stall bathrooms, and large office areas. Vigour The capability to design and produce other products such  as stabilizers, line-conditioners, rectifiers, chargers, power-  supplies, dc-to-dc converters, etc Rationale HIGHEST NUMBER OF TECHNICAL PERSONNEL IN ITS LINE OF BUSINESS Incorporated firm working in the organized sector Own offices in 3 major cities (Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad)